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The Company

With a track record of more than 30 years in the field of sausages and fresh meat, Puente Robles is a family business that produces hams, sausages and local products provided by small livestock farmers who dedicate their lives to caring for the animal in the best possible environment: the Arribes del Duero and the Dehesa Salmantina.

The story of Puente Robles begins when Cesáreo, aged just 6, accompanied his father to the market to sell the pigs he had been rearing and caring for all year round.

In the 80s, Cesáreo and Carmen, his wife, created the family business that they built up with great effort and dedication to the world of Iberian pork. Today, they continue the family legacy, wanting to make Puente Robles an emblem of Iberian hams and sausages.

Maintaining tradition and combining it with innovation are Puente Robles' guidelines when it comes to making our sausages and hams so that the end product is of the highest quality, with the authentic flavour of Iberian cured meats.

In this way, we have modern facilities that comply with all European quality standards, while the whole slaughtering, quartering and curing process is carried out in a natural way, following the tradition of the area.

Our objective is still the same as the one we were taught: the excellence of the Iberian ham.

For all these reasons, at Puente Robles we are proud of our daily work and we want you to be part of it, acquiring and tasting hams and sausages of great quality and authentic flavour.

The Company
The Company
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