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Cured ham obtained from the hind legs of pigs.

This cured ham is the result of the careful rearing of pigs fed mainly on cereals and feed, which gives it its unequalled flavour and delicate texture.

The smell and taste of Puente Robles Iberian hams and sausages are so characteristic and unique thanks to their curing in the pure air and shade provided by the Arribes del Duero.

Each slice is a unique experience that will transport you to the tradition and authentic flavour of Spanish gastronomy.

Savour excellence in every bite.

Meat product.


To enjoy the full flavour of the cured meat, we recommend consuming it at approximately 24°C.

If it is packaged, we recommend removing it from its packaging and leaving it at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving. If it has been kept refrigerated, this time may be increased to 2 hours.

Best before: 12 months.


Cereals and feed.

Curing time

Total maturation of 20 months, with only 3 months of drying and the rest of the maturation completely natural in our facilities.


Whole pieces: store in a dry place, in low light and out of direct sunlight, and at an ambient temperature of 16°C -25°C. Remove the cloth cover with which it is shipped and place it on a ham board or hang it up. Keep the first cut to serve as a cover to prevent it from drying out.

Cut or sliced ham: store in cold storage at 4-10°C. When ready to eat, leave to cool for 10 minutes.

It has the Calicer PI/0649/15 Certificate, which guarantees the client and the end consumer the commitment of a job well done and the peace of mind of acquiring a product that respects the regulations in force.


Pork ham, common salt, preservatives (E250, E252), antioxidants (E316) and sugar.

Nutritional valuesAverage value per 100 g.
Energy Value (Kj.)1037.9 Kj.
Energy Value (Kcal.)247.8 Kcal.
Fats12.2 g.
Of which saturated fatty acids4.6 g.
Carbohydrates1.0 g.
Of which sugars5.0 g.
Proteins33.5 g.
Salt3.6 g.
Storage and shelf life

Storage whole piece: Unopened for 12 months, once opened or in humid areas we recommend that it should be within one month.

Conservation of sliced ham: Unopened 365 days. Once opened, we recommend that it is within 7 days.

Shipping method

In cardboard box with the product wrapped in a cloth mesh.


Whole pieces weighing between 7 kg and 11 kg approximately.


Remove the mesh in which it is wrapped and place it on a ham table or hang it up.

Keep the first cut to serve as a cover and prevent it from drying out.

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